Water of Life

Flow forever, raging river!
Spring and gurgle, froth and shimmer,
Bathe our blisters, cleanse our spirits,
Drown us in your healing currents!
. . . . .
Soak our sorrows, soothe our pains,
Wash our aches and hurts away.
Swish and splash and swirl and spill,
Flush and fall and froth and fill!
. . . . .
Carve our canyons, cut our lands
Fill our oceans, lap our sands.
Boil and bubble, roll and ripple,
Mist and moisten, drop and drizzle!
. . . . .
Flawless form of Nature's power,
Mother of the storms and showers,
Blast us in your torrent's barriage,
Purify us with your knowledge
. . . . .
Living water, life concoctor!
Quench your thirsty sons and daughters.
Fill our goblets with your favor,
Raging river, flow forever!
. . . . .


© 2009 Jubal Faircloth