Those Guys

Charlie - Drums, Vocals
Robby - Vocals, Keys, Harp
Larrey - Guitars, Vocals
Randy - Bass, Vocals
Jumbletron - Guitar, Vocals

Thrill Is Gone Featuring Larry on vocals and dueling leads with me.
WT Jam Jammin' around my original tune, Worries and Troubles.
Steve's Medley Guest singer Steve Spach of the Arizona Cardinals.
Santeria That's right, Those Guys play Sublime!
Chicken Fry Played by request one night at Garfield's.
Good Mornin Blues Sung by Mike the Photographer.
The Weight also from the December 11th show.
Blackbird Our unique arrangement of this classic.
'Stang Sally This one usually gets 'em dancin'.
Together on the Sand A jammy version of this NOFX tune.
Jager Bombed The first time playing this song as a band.
Warming Up A "behind the scenes" look at one of our practices.
She Caught the Kady With a Punkish Ending.
One Way Outro A nice one to end on.


© 2009 Jubal Faircloth