Recent Tunes

Here are some recent (2010) musical projects.

Nothin' Jam - Wheele-o, Dave-o, and Jumbletron crafting a laid-back jam of nothingness. (7-24-10)
Really Something - Power trio - Me, Pop, and Bro
MoonJam MoonDance jam from the July 4th weekend (2010) Dave-on-Bass set.
BreakDown Jam - Dueling Guitar Solos with Adam
Casey Jones - Elite Band
ChevyJam Dan-o on trumpet, Pop on bass, Wheele-o on drums, and Jumbletron.
Runnin with the Devil - Elite Band, by request
Carwash - Brucemon on bass, vox, and spontaneity
WineJam I like this one (even though I'm not in it) because BigRed tells a story.
Cissy Strut - Power Trio
GakJam Mom on rad keys & vox, Adam on crunchy bass, Jumbler on drums
I'm Not Like This - Featuring the Jaunt-man (with mom on keys and me on drums)
BeerDrinkers Bro and I hammer this one with Bruce-mon and Wheele-o
NSBJam New Speedway Boogie Jam
Space Station Jam 1 Dan-o on Drums
Space Station Jam 2 This one gets pretty far out there.
BrowneyeJam A song featuring Jumbledrummer, Jauntstrummer, and Mike&Stacey's dog BrownEye on vox
El Dog's Theme Song Featuring their other dog, Connie. (This one's rough but the ending's funny.)
Seems To Shred - Mystery Band
Way Gone Way Gone - One of the first times I broke out the Jumble-tapping technique
Whattaya Doin'? The answer is: SHREDDING
This Elite Band BigRed's awesome original tune about being a musician
Cumberland Shred More shreddy shredness
Seems To Medley - Sounding Quite Phishy...
What I Juice - Spring Gala Farmhouse Jamminess
Be Kind... Another one from the July4 shindig
Noodlin' Just me noodlin' by my self
Uncle John's Band - Think we were having a good time?
Guitar Player Loose My guitar solo on this one starts out shaky but then starts to SHRED


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