Nashville Stevie

...And related D.C. music projects.

Soulshine Live at Bangkok Blues
Chuck Norris Jam Me and Hendro jammin' it up
Goin Down Slow Nice and mellow
Dizzy People Everything is spinnin... makes ya dizzy
BassFarmJam From Musicfest at Clarksport
Bananjominator A song by Hendro. I'm on banjo
MJLD A different take on Mary Jane's Last Dance
Bananjojam Me and Hendro letting loose
She Caught the Katy Bro sings this one nicely
Denomodominator Hendro plays a mean banana bass
Stuck in the middle / Wolfbro Two classics with a triple-axe solo
The Leaning Tower An original instrumental I never wrote words to
Lonesome Trail Song I wrote about travelling.


© 2009 Jubal Faircloth