Jumble Music

A varied selection of music from over the years.

Cadillac From Studillac's album. I play the slide solo.
Love is Runnin From Red's 1st album. I play the lead in the intro.
The And Improv jam with mom.
El Jammo Jammin in the farmhouse.
KrazyFarmJam Josh and Maggie supplied parts for this track
Tine Drills More Improv jam with mom.
Champion of America and Here's the video
What I Got / Gin and Juice A jammy medley with Joe G
Moonithology Mom and I combine Ornithology and How High the Moon
Lizz Reed Dave on Bass performs this classic.
Fair Kentucky Green Song I wrote for my home state
Myspace Ditty From Crusaders of the Lost Couch
Little Vines Even more Improv jam with mom.
Chevrolet Jimmy and Hendro help on this one
Viney Stomp A cool Improv jam with mom.
Never Fade Away Bro on mandolin
Moonithology An electric version with Pop on bass
Little Tendrils Further Improv jam with mom.
Reflection or Refraction Written for the Olsen twins when they turned 21
Tendrilly Groove All these are from the same session
The Cryout John and my attempt at EMO
Vendrillos A fun Improv jam with mom.
Things Might Change Sappy Lovesong
Vine Creek Final Improv jam with mom.
Never Fade Away End it with the cat's meow


© 2009 Jubal Faircloth