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Controlling Chaos

A 10-song CD of mostly-original music performed by Jubal, Raif, and Sadie.
(It's all about how we deal with the CHAOS of daily living.
Each album cover is a unique piece of original art by Jumbletron.
Click for details.

Box of Rain
Someone got it during Jubalfest
Water Wash
An unknown fate.
The Postcard
Owned by Dr. Tignor
Reptilian Egg
I'm not sure who got it.

Earth & Sky
Big Red got it.
Galloping Horses
Owned by Lola
Purple Rain
Owned by Chris D. from Stray
Rain & Sleet
Owned by Aunt Jill

Wicked Smile
Who got it?
Frothy Sea
Owned by Bree-kachu
Unknown Owner.
Dove Crossing
Unknown Owner

What's on TV?
Not sure who got this one.
Owned by Darrel from Stray
John from Hippy-dips got it.
Chaos Train
Ken and Becky got it.

Film Noir
Unknow Owner.
Owned by Abbey and Tom
Owned by Walter and Stephanie
Not for sale

Throng at Salem
No idea who got it.
owned by Paul and Sylvia
Unknown Owner.
Egg of Knowledge
Someone got it at Jubalfest.

Magma Children
Owned by Jenzy
For Johnny
Owned by Mary (May-Wii)
Figure Eight
Owned by Donna from Health Point
Destiny Unbinded
Owned by Dave-o

Shockwave Riders
Owned by Nate S. from Stray
Unknow Owner.
Owned by Lee from Stray
Blue Whispers
Dan-O got it.

Figures Emerge from Mist
Owned by Granny
Owned by Rob from Health Point
Owned by Bro
Open Window
Not sure who got this one.

Bright Ideas
Owned by Al & Alice
Orange Dunes
Owned by Bill B. from Stray
Windy Night
Owned by Tony the DJ
Red Planet
Owned by Branden from Stray

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