Sliced Bacon

On my last night in Cook City, we had a hellacious (albiet drunken) jam session.

Laugher Eric's maniacle laughter
Happy Song Written by Scott
Broken Hearts and Broken Cars by Mugass
Down in Shoefly Little song I wrote
Li'l Doggy Improv song by Eric
Scotch and Ewok A Cook City Classic!
Banter Razz and George
Blue Ridge Mnts Had to be a song about mountains
Stewed The alcoholc was starting to take effect
Fight for your Right More drunkeness
Glory Days with improvised lyrics
Wooziness One of those kinda nights
More Banter that crazy Razz
Plastic Jesus Tony B. on washtub bass and vocals
The Northern Lights After the jam, we saw the Northern lights! Very beautiful.


© 2009 Jubal Faircloth